God Help Me!

In a world that tries to deny the existence, knowledge and presence of God, the phrase “God help those that help themselves” is a very popular phrase in our culture. For the non believer or the religious person without relationship, although this notion is deceptive it can “sound” true.

Without asking for the assistance of God through His Holy Spirit, one can be left to his own devices to better his situation. A few problems can occur with that, the most common, is that we tend to magnify the problem or create additional problems in our attempt to help ourselves. Secondly, this attempt place us as being the god of our own life, eliminating us from seeking God’s will and purpose in our life.

The man who has a relationship with his Heavenly Father realizes that he can’t take a breath without help from his Father. This intimate wonder, realization and appreciation neutralizes the attempt for us to be god of our life by our futile effort and it emphasizes our trust that He’s our help not only when the situation is grim but also when all is well and we are at our best. Man’s feeble attempt to help himself will ultimately end in defeat but when we rely on God’s help, we are guaranteed real victory!

by Tymo Knight

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