The Cross and the Curve

God grades on the Cross and the Curve. While in school the teacher would sometimes give an exam that everyone would fail or have an extremely low score.  Bewildered by the failing mark, some would say, “I worked so hard and yet I still failed!”  Because of the terrible scores, the instructor would establish a new standard of scoring based on the highest-lowest score. Thereafter, the class would rejoice as they celebrate their new passing score. As it is in school, so it is in the Kingdom of Heaven.  God gave the examination of obedience, and everyone failed miserably.  As the students were baffled by their failing score, so too are we at our failed attempts of doing the right thing.  We tried so hard, even had a made-up mind, yet we still find ourselves missing the mark.  So, God in His ultimate love showed us mercy and gave us grace too, He gave us Jesus; the only one who passed the obedience examine with a perfect score of 100%.  However, unlike the teacher God doesn’t lower the standard so we can pass, He simply raises us up to perfection, so we too can have 100% in Christ Jesus, our Savior.

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