Mothers Are Everything

May 13, 2024

“How do you honor people who mean so much, do so much, and play so many important roles in our lives?  The enormity of expressing adequately the love, appreciation, and thankfulness we have for the gift God has given us known as mothers, could easily take us into next year’s Mother’s Day.  So, I will try to capsulate and make a sincere attempt to honor a tremendous gift on this day, mothers.  HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!  

James 1:17 lets us know “every good gift comes from God.”  Therefore, this devotion is in celebration of YOU, the gift YOU are to all the world, the superhero like being YOU play in the lives of so many people.  Listen to these terms in this acronym that are ascribed for the gift we call MOTHER.

“M” is for manager.  Mothers hold all the diverse personalities together in the home, while effecting managing the many tasks and navigating the multiple obstacles.      

“O” is for observant.  I’m sure many of us can attest that at times we thought our mom was like God, all-knowing, or at least had eyes in the back of her head.     

“T” is for teacher. Yes, one of mom’s dynamic abilities is the means by which she helps us learn the various school lessons, but even more critical than that is the way she instills life lessons.   

“H” is for humility.  Motherhood in and of itself has a way of humbling you, for you know if it were not for the LORD on your side where would you be!   

“E” is for encouraging.  Mothers are often your greatest cheerleader!  Even when no one else believes in you, Mama is still saying, “You can do it baby!” 

“R” is for resourceful.  Mothers are very resourceful.  I am not sure who was the first to say, “out of lemons come lemonade,” but I’ll bet it was a mother.    

Finally, after weighing all the evidence the conclusion is clear, MOTHERS ARE EVERYTHING!


May 30, 2024

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Eric Jenkins
Newnan, GA

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